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Monday, December 28, 2015

Lonsdale St 1989-1990 looking back at Venture which was where Waltons was.

First came Waltons, Then came Venture, And presently Dimmeys continues the trade in this building on Lonsdale Street. There was plenty of parking and Dairy Bell still occupied the front left corner of the building, serving up there famous selection, Dairy Bell left Dandenong in 2013.

 Waltons was a strong outlet for many years but after a disastrous takeover of Waltons by Alan Bond in 1981 the store saw sharp decline, eventually being split up and resold, Waltons Dandenong was sold to the Cookes family and re-branded as Venture in 1987, But sadly Venture went bankrupt in 1994, bringing to an end this chapter. Eventually Dimmeys moved into the building and has remained there since.

Photo supplied by  Brad Farrell

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  1. I remember venture back in the days, now i see why there not around no more cos of bankruptcy

    1. Bankruptcy and takeovers are what account for the loss of most of the old names one prominent in shopping strips.