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Friday, February 5, 2016

Grenda’s Bus Company commences in 1945 from 9 Foster St

In 1925 George Grenda started a milk carrying company. G. F. Grenda Milk Carrier collected milk in cans from farms around the Dandenong area and delivered it to metropolitan dairies. The family business continued to grow and was operating 12 trucks by 1945. George bought this property to house and operate the four bus routes, with the six buses (one pictured) he had bought.

He purchased six small buses, four bus routes (from Shaves Bus Service in Dandenong), and the primary foundations of a bus depot (pictured in 1945) that collaboratively would become Grenda's Bus Services. Grenda was purchased by Ventura Bus Lines in 2013.

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117 Foster Street, Dandenong, 1937 and 1972

First picture is 1937, Second picture is 1972.

Kingsbury Lane (to the left of the shop) is named after Kingsbury Plumbers and Tank Makers (est. 1856), who made tanks and windmills. Later they turned their business to bicycles. Kingsbury Bicycles were then located in Foster Street (still visible sign writing).
In 1929 Alex Kingsbury built an arcade of shops which ran through from Foster to Lonsdale Street possibly through the Cassels Garage. Kingsbury’s nephew Frank set up in one of the shops to run a bicycle and pram business. In 1932 Frank was joined by his brother Gilbert; both served in the air force during the second world war. Upon their return Frank opened his own business in Frankston leaving Gilbert to manage the Dandenong shop.
Kingsbury’s sold motorbikes, push bikes and baby craft including
prams and nursery furniture. The lane was under 2 feet of water in the 1934 flood. In 1962 a local newspaper advertisement boasts modern new showrooms, by the 1970's he still owned the building and was operating a baby supply shop in half of the building, renting the other half out.
By coincidence Richard Wolters chose the other side to run Progressive Motorcycle which he owned between 1971 and 1975, not knowing of the connection until one day someone dropped in and told me that it was a coincidence that I had chosen this shop.

These images were supplied by Richard Wolters

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Temperance Hall, 2–12 Walker St, Dandenong.

The hall was opened in 1871 and saw a long run in Dandenong before being demolished in early 1981, Up the back of the right side one can spot the side of the Masonic Hall on Mason street. To the left is the corner of Walker and Mason streets.

This site is now being developed as Quest Apartments, The tall building will be a long way from the hall that once stood.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Town Hall, Lonsdale and Walker Streets, Dandenong, Undated.

The view shows the brick extensions which were demolished to make way for the Drum Theater redevelopment of the early 2000's. This is how most of us remember the Town Hall.

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Anzac Day Parade, Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, 1963.

Withe the National Bank, Rockmans, Ewarts, Vanity Court, Woolworth and Coles all within one view. The history and the atmosphere of the day collide in one beautiful scene.

Image supplied by Bill Farrell

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Late 1950's view of Lonsdale Street

Late 1950's view of Lonsdale Street, Dandenong
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Geoff Taylor bought the shop at 78 Foster St, Dandenong,

Geoff Taylor bought the shop at 78 Foster St, Dandenong, from Stan "Sleepy" Jones on 1st July, 1971. Booming motorcycles sales (like nothing before or since) would then combine with Geoff's fame as a racer - to see this business become incredibly successful.

In this photo (circa mid-1970s), the shop has expanded twice already. After more than 10 exhausting years in the motocross saddle (with an Australian title and dozen of state titles), Geoff retired at end of 1974.

Dandy local and experienced sidecar-racing passenger Barry Frazer convinced Geoff to switch over to sidecar roadracing. This led to even greater success for ol' GT.

Photo and Information credit goes to Roger Harvey, Berwic

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The Bridge Hotel, 193 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, in 1906.

Looking from the hotel towards Walker Street. Built in 1858, the Hotel has seen many name changes and renovations, More recently it has been called the Old Dandy Inn, Jim Dandy and Dandenong Hotel.

In 1858,Michael Hennesy had started to build the Bridge Hotel, but ran into financial difficulties and the building was completed by George Hughes and John Prevot. That same year the hotel provided one of its rooms for use by the Court of Petty Sessions. It was also used for meetings by the Dandenong Road District Board. The Bridge Hotel was the terminus and inter-change for a coach service to Grantville, Tooradin and Melbourne. George Usher, licensee of the hotel, initiated the Grantville coach service.

On 12 August 1864 the hotel was the meeting place where local citizens proposed that a market be established in Dandenong. In the early 1870s it was the town’s most substantial hotel. The hotel is a two-storey structure, built of bricks, which were made from a clay deposit at the rear of the property, and with a slate roof. The upper floor facade of the building is largely unaltered, except for the removal of the veranda and the conversion of French doors to windows in the early 1900s. Considerable changes were made to the ground floor in the 1930s.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lonsdale Street, Dandenong around 1989-1990.

Showing the shops of the time, the cenotaph was still outside the Town Hall, Do you remember which building was being constructed?

Photo supplied by Brad Farrell

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St Mary's Church, 1950's

St Mary's Church, 1950's, including old church building - Corner MrCrae Street and Foster Street.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016