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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Second Showgrounds, Cleeland Street, Dandenong, 1940s

Second Showgrounds, Cleeland Street, Dandenong, 1950s/1960s, 
With the market at the bottom and Clow street running up the right side.

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  1. This photo is older than 1950's/1960's. My parents built their house in the street at the top (Stuart Street) and it was finished in 1951. Their house is not in this photo so I would guess that the photo could be 1930's?

    1. What number was your parents house built at/

    2. No the picture is just a big backyard of number 4 (it has the funny easement to the right of the block). The building on the corner of Clow Street and Stuart Street was the old feed store. My parents told me of the story when they first moved to Stuart Street, the circus was visiting and an elephant was yarded on the feedstore block!

  2. As a side note, some of those lovely gum trees in the top left corner of the photo are still there.