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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Corner of Lonsdale, Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong, 1934 flood

The 1934 flood was one of the worst to hit Dandenong. Occurring long before the creek was channeled and straightened with concrete, the original Dandenong Creek alignmemt was the result of natural water flow. Frequently flooding into the open plains bellow and flowing slowly onto the Carum Swamps. 

During excessively heavy rains, the water would flow down a natural depression roughly following Lonsdale street, passing down Pultney Street, and through Dandenong Park, making the journey to the Creek below. Natural low points can still be found along the journey to the attentive seeker.

Note the modestly country Electricity Sub Station on the right. Placed at one of the lowest points, only a few hundred metres from the creek, someone forgot the necessity to use raised elevation. Leaves us curious how many lost power as a result of the 1934 floods.

Park Motors occupied this site for some time becoming a locally recognized name. Some time later this site became known as BP island, during this time a BP Service Station/Centre occupied the entire triangle bordered by Pultney, Foster and Lonsdale Streets. Presently the site is occupied by Doctors/Chemist and Cheesecake shop. Such a fine pair they make.

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