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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, in 1913.

Looking at the west side of Lonsdale, just after the intersection of Lonsdale and Clow streets, Towards Scott street and beyond. Many of these buildings have been lost with time, but a small two storey white building, newly built at the time, remains hidden in the present line of shops, do you know which?

In the early 1900s, with around 2,000 residents, Dandenong was still a small country town, with its main focus being on Lonsdale Street and surrounding areas. The Albion hotel still had a magnificent veranda and balcony, the Bank of Australasia had not appeared in the white building about halfway up this block and Mrs Bowman still ran a cafe/coffee shop on this block.

The market was thriving on the east end of Lonsdale street near the corner of Clow, helping to bring a shopping focus to this end of town every Tuesday, at this time both the Stock and Produce Markets were in the same location. Later they would move to the present Market site before being split, seeing the Stock Market move to Chelteham road.

Photo courtesy of DDHS.

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