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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stables, Dandenong Police Station - Built 1888/9

The original police building no longer exists on this site. In 1857 a fence was erected around the three acres of land (on the corner of Langhorne and Wilson Streets) the site of the first police camp and current site of the police complex.

The first building, built in 1859 comprised of officers’ quarters, a watch house and a lean-to, which was used as a stable. The original stables were built around three acres of land as part of the original police complex. The stables were repaired in the late 1870s but it wasn’t until the late 1880s that the stables building in question was built.

Works to the “Police Buildings at Dandenong Township” were tendered out on the 1 August 1859. The works were due to be
completed on the 25 December 1859. An extension of eight weeks was granted.

In 1888/89 a contract, was let to Mathews a O’Halloran for the construction of new Police Quarters and Stables. This would indicate that the current stables (pictured) were constructed around this time.

Information and photo courtesy of Greater Dandenong Heritage Study

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