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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Minster (Westminster) Carpets, Corner Gladstone Road and Princes Hwy, Dandenong, Mid 1970's.

Looking from the roof of the house which became The Pancake Parlor, on the corner of Jones Road and Princes Highway towards Minster Carpet (formerly West Minster Carpets).

The pictured building was partially destroyed by fire around early March 1987. The remaining operations moving to Tottnam in about 2001.

Englishman Jack Dewes established Westminster Carpets at Dandenong, Victoria in 1948-49. The company initially produced low priced rubber bonded carpet for the floors of motor cars, but quickly adopted for use in homes and offices.

The manufacturing process produced carpet directly from carded wool, eliminating the spinning and weaving processes. Its 'Westminster' brand was a haircord floor covering initially made from 80% goat hair and 20% highland wool on a rubberised hessian backing, and produced in a large range of single colours. In 1954 the factory also released carpet tiles, 10 inches (25cm) square, in a similar colour range.

By 1965, Westminster carpets were being produced in 26 different single colours on 40 inch wide rolls, and were being made from a combination of goats hair and man-made fibres like nylon and Evlan.

The site is now occupied by a Bunnings store stands. By pure coincidence, Bunnings sells a Minster carpet brand.

Pancake Parlor opened around 1987, The modified house was variously owned by the Ryans (who also owned a hotel in central Dandenong) and then the Castricum's before becoming a Steak House, and in 1987 it's present occupant.

Photo Taken/Provided by: Paul Castricum

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