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Friday, March 25, 2016

Westwood, Walker Steeet, Dandenong, 1886

Late last year Chris Simmins wrote:
'Westwood', the 'grand home' featured in a 1930's Dandenong aerial photograph. The subject of the photo (once zoomed in), caused some discussion locally and far afield.

Westwood was built in Walker Street, Dandenong, for Mr Herbert Turner Esq Solicitor. Turner was a born 1856 and married a Miss Annie Moss Dunn in 1885. They had 5 children, Maggie who was born Dandenong 1893, Doris May born 1897 in Brighton, Herbert Keith born 1899 in Brighton, Marg Eillen born 1900, and Alf Brian born 1901.

Turner features in various 'Trove archives ' of old newspapers, but is most notable as Chairman of the Board of Nurses, from its inception in 1924, and also as a board member of the Royal Melbourne Hospital from 1918-1935. His affiliation with the medical scene was a long and treasured one.

Old Dandenong Adds:
In later years Westwood became home to the Local R.S.L, which had been a private home until around the 1930s., with a few modifications and paint coats, the building survived into the 1990s.

In the 1990s the present Dandenong RSL premises were built on the corner of Clow street and Stud road (realigned end of Foster street), resulting in the demolition of Westwood, along with other houses, as Capital Cenrre was extended across walker street, connecting to the Myer building.

As a result the Plaza carpark was extended, covering the site of Westwood with bitchumen. Walker street now ends near the rear of the building extensions, becoming nothing more than a carpark and loading bay entrance.

The former Rudock street was removed (now the boundry line between the RSL and Plazza carpark), In recent years, the street running through the Dandenong Station bus interchange, up to George street was named Rudock street.

Photo of Westwood House , courtesy of Dandenong Historical Society Photo Archives.

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