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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Public Restrooms/Toilets, Corner Lonsdale and Langhorne Streets, Dandenong, undated.

Do you remember when there used to be these unique Public Restrooms/Toilets at the intersection of Langhorne and Lonsdale Streets? With half of the building bellow ground level they were a sight not to be missed, This intersection has seen a few changes over the years.

Dandenong was the junction of the eastern and south-eastern road and railway systems that connected Gippsland with the metropolis 20 miles away. The district around Dandenong became one of the main sources of Melbourne’s milk supply and famous for its herds of pedigree dairy cattle (Argus, 21 December 1921).

Dandenong Market was important as ‘a great clearing centre of surplus stock from one of the most productive closer-settled districts in the state’ (Leader 23 July 1947). Some farmers came to buy store cattle to fatten them up and sell later at a profit. Others came to buy cattle at the
Dandenong market. At that time, most cattle trucks were horse-drawn.

Almost all of the cattle at the Dandenong Market were escorted through Dandenong by whip-cracking horsemen. Sometimes children would wag school to spend time at the market, which was then located on Main Street (now Lonsdale Street) from Clow Street to the rear of the Post Office. Cattle pens ran back from the footpath on the east side and the fresh produce section ran along the wide footpaths.

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