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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Renfree Family Homestead, 21 Robinson Street, Dandenong, Picture dated 1967.

William Pryn Renfree was said to be the very first white child born in Dandenong, however this has been debated at times as it's most likely that there were others born in Dandenong but perhaps not actually documented due to varying factors of the times.

The Renfree Family Homestead had a 'return verandah', a typical style at the time that went across the front of the house and continued down one or both sides of the house and a decorative entrance.

For several years William successfully owned and conducted the store that would later be owned and operated by Mr J. Crump. He was a member of the Dandenong Shire Council for many years and at one time was even Shire President, he was also a very prominent and valuable member of the Dandenong Methodist Church and was even the Sunday School Superintendent for 27 years.

Renfree was an enthusiastic lawn bowler and was a leading member of the Dandenong and Caulfied clubs, even distinguishing himself in the Sydney Lawn Bowls circles. In late 1910 Mr & Mrs W.P. Renfree prepared to leave Dandenong to live elsewhere. William died in 1927 at the age of 75 years and was survived by his widow Adelaide Anne Renfree (nee Cadle), son William Lindsey Renfree and daughter Adelaide Frances Moore (nee Renfree)

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