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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Funeral Procession by Garnar Undertakers, Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, undated.

Garnars Undertakers – a prominent Dandenong funeral business in Walker St, Dandenong - was owned and operated by James William Garner (1851-1913) and featured a mortuary in Crump Lane.
Garnar himself would often lead the funeral processions through town.

After his death in 1913, James Garner’s eldest son, William, and his grandson Len, took over the business, changing its name to W.J. Garnar & Son. William Garner was known for leading funeral possessions (on foot) along Lonsdale Street (as pictured).

In the 1930s, a severe flood hit the streets of Dandenong – and when Garnar opened his flood effected mortuary he discovered that two coffins, one empty and one occupied, had been swept away. They were later recovered from the creek in Mordialloc.
Although the family name was spelled ‘Garner’, James altered it to ‘Garnar’ in order to distinguish himself from other people associated with the ‘Garner’ spelling. The W.J. Garnar & Son business was sold to Le Pine Funerals in 1950. Garnar Lane in Dandenong is named after the family.

Image and information courtesy of:
Greater Dandenong City Council

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