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Monday, August 7, 2017

Walker and Langhorne Streets, Dandenong,1878-83.

Jones's New Dandenong bakery was the joy of .J. T. Thorpe, in the early days he was the only baker in Dandenong. He established his bakery in about 1878/79, and by 1883 had moved the bakery to new and bigger premises in Keys Buildings on Lonsdale Street. In 1896 R. F. Meyer took control of the bakery.

The small building used for the bakery was originally built by Mr Bowman In 1857. In turn it was occupied by butchers, bakers and other tradesmen. A baker named Gatling had it for a time, but the tenant occupying it prior to its being demolished was J. T. Thorpe. He baked there for many years, eventually removing to Keys’ Buildings.

Jones and his wife later moved to Cranbourne, where they continued to be involved in the bakery field, opening a local bakery. In the 1950s the Cranbourne business was still being carried on by Jack Thorpe, at the time it was the oldest bakery in Cranbourne.

Eventually the Twiss family took over the Dandenong Bakery, running it for some years.They later took over the Railway refreshment rooms at the Dandenong station from Mrs. Clinch, who took over from Miss Bottril (we believe the first to conduct them).

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