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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ellis’s Store, 118 Walker Street, Dandenong, Late 1880's

In 1856 William and Edward Ellis (brothers) settled in Dandenong. Edward Ellis erected operated this store for some time, Built for him in the 1870's, it saw many modifications over the decades transforming it from the smaller building you see here to the larger building that was demolished in 1971, almost 100 years.

In 1877 the building was sold, by Thomas Rosling and Co. for £630, Mr. James Greaves being the purchaser. Hence forth it was known as Greaves Building. July 2nd 1946 saw the official opening of The Wessex in this building by Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Mills, hosting Receptions, Dances, Function and the such. being formally known as The Wessex Hotel at some point.

An ever popular venue for dances, weddings, parties, etc, for some years Mrs. I. Mills, proprietress at the time in 1954 wanted to convert the premises to let as offices. She already had two of the rooms let to suitable clients, She still maintained her own private residence upstairs Around this time the Main building (and possibly neighbouring ones) became known as the Wessex Buildings..

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