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Friday, February 26, 2016

Laurel Lodge, 51 Langhorne Street, Dandenong, in 1910.

Back when the tree's were still small.

Laurel Lodge is one of the few physical reminders of Dandenong in the nineteenth century. Built around 1869, it is one of the region's oldest buildings.

Laurel Lodge derives considerable local and regional significance from its association with its past owners, who were prominent citizens of the district, and have made important public contributions. These include: Early Dandenong pioneer Mrs Janet Bowman, Colonial architect Robert Huckson, District doctor Henry Ogle Moore, Flamboyant stock and station agent and auctioneer Joseph Clarke and Robert Woodcock the Secretary and Engineer of Dandenong Shire.

Laurel Lodge was also the site of an elite ladies private school between 1869 and 1884. Headed by Miss Matilda Shaw it was "one of the leading boarding schools in the colony", She later moved her school up the road to what became Merlin Private Hospital.

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