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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Australia Day Parade, McCrae Street, Dandenong, in 1998.

Taken after the Encore Hotel had been built opposite the Dandenong Plaza (Capital Centre), the Polish, still facing the persecution of anti immigration extremist local elements, had sadly still not found acceptance. It wouldn't be until another major immigration due to war that they would be forgotten. Dandenongs' acceptance of those fleeing war, even from the earlier wars, cemented the towns place as a home for everyone.

Dandenong has a long and proud history of Parades, the biggest being the Proclamation of the City of Dandenong in 1959. The parade held for this occasion, was one of the biggest, drawing the towns spirit, resulting in the largest crowd to watch any parade in Dandenong. Some more formal events, such as Remembrance Day, still encourage people to walk the streets on their special days.

Dandenong is fortunate to be very rich in multiculturalism from it's very beginnings and this still applies today, with many local communities within Greater Dandenong and surrounds having festivals or parades each year to celebrate their special occasions and culture. We have Australia Day in Dandenong Park, the Luna New Year Festival in Springvale each year, the Albanian Festival at Dandenong Park, EID each year in Dandenong Park and many more.

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