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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dandenong Hospital around 1942, Not long after it was completed.

In 1939, as World War II broke out and Dandenong was beset by fires and other upheavals, a committee took a unanimous decision that was backed by local doctors. Their mandate was to buy five acres in Cleeland Street for a hospital.

The land, part of the Ross estate, cost £300 and many people said the site was ideal. And so the Dandenong and District Hospital was set up, a place to go if one needed healing.

Before the Dandenong and District Hospital was built, Alf Oldham and Ian Hart were two of the doctors who had run the Murray House Private Hospital at the corner of Scott and Thomas streets.

On the corner of Wilson and Langhorne streets, near St James Anglican Church another private hospital operated from Merlin House, which still stands today.

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