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Thursday, March 3, 2016

David Street, Dandenong. December 1960.

New Weatherboard Houses in David Street, on the left are the gates to the Council Tip (former quarry for the Ordish Brickworks) In the background, the hills were to become part of the future Endeavour Hills Suburb.
Image supplied by  Bill Farrell

The Grange was the name of the property owned by the navy’s Captain David Ross in 1866. The estate ran from the Princes Highway along Clow Street/Kidds Road down to the Dandenong Creek and it followed the creek up to Heatherton Road.
I have it on good authority that the first home was situated off what became Ross and Lebanon streets and the second more grand home was built in Stud Road, near where May Court runs in off Ingrid Street.
Captain Ross’s youngest son, Herbert, married Ann Ross (no connection). When the property was later subdivided, Herbert named numerous streets in Dandenong after his wife, family and friends.
Ann Street was named after his wife, and Bruce, David, Herbert and Robert after his sons. Melbe Crescent was named after his sister and Margaret and Olive for his daughters.
Stewart Street was named in honour of an old friend of the Ross family, and Cleeland and King after the executors of his father’s will. The second home was demolished in 1964.
Captain Ross allowed access on his property and that track became Stud Road.
Stud Road was named after the police horse stud in the Police Paddocks.
Police Road was named after the police depot, also at the Police Paddocks. Clow Street was named after the Reverend James Clow, who settled in Dandenong in 1838.
This fascinating list was put together by Jenny Ferguson of the South Eastern Historical Association

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